About ME

My name is Connie, I live in Knoxville TN and have 3 wonderful children. Two of them are all growed up and away from home. Kimberly is the baby of the family. I was married for 10 years to Kim’s father, Randy, divorced for 7 yrs. We reunited last October. We plan on getting married next fall. I am a recovering alcoholic with almost 11 years sober. Randy has almost 2. We are learning more and more about eachother everyday. Our addictions took over very very early in our marriage  and we are both working on having the type of relationship we wanted to have, now.

I have been overweight most of my adult life. I have filled the void in my life with food for so many years. I have felt worthless and unwanted. That all changed when I took charge in 2007. I ended a toxic relationship. My older children gave me their blessings , packed the car and drove to TN to be home again and nearer to my SissyPoo. (Cathy) There was nothing holding me in CA anymore. Shortly after we moved here, I started having complications with bloodclots, which hampered me being able to work. Now that I have hit my heavest 325 I can no longer stand it! My feet hurt. My body hurts. I want to be able to tie my shoes without turning blue! And most of all I want to feel like a bride when I get married next fall.

I am determined to find myself, to find out why I do the things I do. I want to learn on this journey how to love myself for the first time, take chances and LIVE not just exist!



3 Responses to About ME

  1. bariatricbeginnings says:

    You will be a beautiful bride!

  2. I want to feel beautiful on the inside…that is the main thing to me. I could be wearing a second hand dress and it wouldn’t matter one bit.

  3. FatGirlUSA says:

    Ah… You will be a beautiful bride no matter what your size. One of the reasons I’m losing weight is for my only daughter’s wedding next year. My normal fat is at about 260 lbs. I’ve never been here before and never want to be here again >>> weight that is. WE CAN DO THIS! Bridgette

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